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And the Award Goes to ... Kara Maldonado

From our founder: "I am truly honored and humbled by this award from SIMA Awards and Robbie Motter of the Global Society of Female Entrepreneurs. Thank you for all the strength and support that you give to all of us trying to make a difference."

Kara Maldonado is the CEO of Real Bodies Period, and an expert in pain management and permanent weight loss. She has developed an effective, holistic approach to attaining maximum health and strength. She suffered years of domestic violence, cancer and lupus, but she never gave up hope. Kara was determined to find a path to heal her mind and body, and her personal journey to drug-free pain management led her to cryotherapy. She eventually became a cryotherapy expert, and now helps women achieve optimal health and emotional wellbeing through cryotherapy and weight loss programs.

Kara believes that emotional pain can be more painful than physical pain, which often leads to low self-esteem. Kara is on a mission to help others achieve optimal health—internal and external—and transform their lives from painful to pain-free living. Kara is passionate about helping women achieve emotional fulfillment with her expertise, and has spent decades helping other women. Kara has dedicated over 20 years to the community working with national non-profit organizations supporting Women’s Health and Domestic Violence issues.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kara Maldonado on receiving the Global Ambassador SIMA Award 2022: The Most inspirational People Around the World Award.

Our mission is to bring women and men from around the world together to inspire, support and appreciate one another. We recognize the remarkable work people like Kara Maldonado are doing across global communities to create a sustainable new world for all of us during these truly challenging and uncertain times, and beyond.

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