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Committed to Beauty and Wellness

When it comes to health and body reconstitution, Real Bodies Period is the whole package. 
We provide a weight loss & management service that not only removes fat permanently, but it's noninvasive and personable approach will relieve you of chronic pain, harmful toxins, and muscular injuries.


Through your journey to achieve a more fit and energized figure, you'll cleanse the body of potential toxins through the lymphatic system.

Additionally, our slimming and toning treatments are tailored specifically to your body's needs.  We give personal attention to each of our clients and listen to your concerns and desires.  The procedure is performed using a hand-held Cryo T-Shock Wand to provide you with a custom session, each time!

With Cryo-Treatments, you're truly getting the best of both worlds!

Organically You - Body, Mind & Soul

Come and experience a healthier you!