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Committed to Beauty and Wellness


Real Bodies Period founder, Kara Maldonado is an expert in pain management and permanent weight loss. She has developed an effective, holistic approach to attaining maximum health, strength, and weight loss and management. 


After suffering through years of domestic violence, cancer and chronic autoimmune illnesses, Kara’s Mission is to help others improve their health with a holistic approach to permanent weight loss and drug-free pain management with through my non-invasive cryotherapy and mindset coaching. Included in my holistic, drug-free pain management system are a variety of wellness supplements and help with functional nutrition. 

Her passionate was helping women and children with affordable housing programs through Emergency Housing Consortium in Northern California, the organization RAINN and VAWA (Violence against Women Association) through HUD. She worked with these organizations to provide safe and clean housing for women and children victimized and trafficked.  

By 2015, and after nearly 18 months of doctors, specialists, blood transfusions, and many tests, Kara learned that she had a rare blood cancer and suffered from an autoimmune deficiency. She started treatment for cancer that same week. After going through a second round of treatment, Kara started searching for holistic healing modalities and came across Cryotherapy—a massaging technique that removes toxins through your lymphatic system with immediate results.

Our Mission: About
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Kara’s daughter also started making her smoothies containing Sea Moss supplements to supply Kara with the nutrients she needed to regain her strength. Kara became very intentional about her healing process, and invested in her new Cryotherapy treatments. Three months into Cryotherapy and she was able to eliminate half of her medications along with 30 pounds of the 100 plus pounds that she had gained from a combination of medication, steroids, illness, and not being able to move or leave her home for a year. She continued Cryotherapy treatments and lost a total of 89 pounds

When she discovered her self-worth, she began using her story to heal others. She became a recipient of the 2022 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award. 2022 International SIMA Award and 2021 Humanitarian Award for her achievements of over 20 years of continued contribution in the community with National non-profit organizations supporting Women’s health and safety globally. 

Soon thereafter, Kara left her corporate career to save lives by sharing her story and using Cryotherapy techniques, nutrition programs and empowerment facilitation. She has been in remission and drug-free since 2018. 

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