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Kara made me feel right at home with my experience at Real Bodies Period! Not only was she very accommodating, but she is extremely knowledgeable with overall health and wellness. She answered all of my questions about the technology and the amazing benefits that can help so many people. The procedure was fast and painless and I am already noticing a difference with the results!! I will definitely be sending my clients to Real Bodies Period!

Ian Deak

The customer service is superior and prices are very affordable!!! Last but never least I saw results IMMEDIATELY!

I will tell everyone I know to go to Real Bodies Period!


Kara is exceptional at what she does she really understands the value of keeping your body healthy and with her cryoskin techniques she really helps to keep you out of pain boost collagen and elastin within your joints and muscular system which improves your overall health. My own experiences have been that I've had four spinal surgeries and I'm in constant pain and her techniques very much relate to what I go through on a day-to-day basis so I would highly recommend her services. She really makes you feel right at home and she provides amazing consultation on how the cryoskin techniques will help with your overall Wellness five stars did this champ she is amazing.

Linda Jones

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