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Come in and try a quick treatment. 20 minute session includes a 10 minute consultation and 10 minute treatment. See amazing results in as little as 10 minutes.
Free 20 Minute Cryo-Treatment Session


What are Cryo-Treatments?

Is there a part of your body you want to improve?  Everyone stores fat in different parts of their body, and fixing these areas with diet and exercise alone is nearly impossible.  Enter Cryo-Treatments.

Many people are now familiar with cryotherapy booths and treatments, but our Cryo-Treatments are something new and different.  Our Cryo-Treatments are focused and fast acting.  Clients can expect to lose up to 1 inch in as little as 30 minutes after the first treatment.  A handheld wand applies either therapeutic heat or Cryo cold for multiple treatment options.  Cryo-Treatments allows for people to sculpt their bodies, to emphasize treatment into the areas they need the most.


Effective, Safe & Personal

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Cryo-Treatment Session

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